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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make a booking?

2. What method of payment can I use?

3. Do I need to use an electric hook-up?

4. Do I have to stay at campsites?

5. What happens if our campervan breaks down during our holiday?

6. I've never driven a campervan, what's it like?

7. What are the collection and return times for the campervan hire?

8. What identification do I need to bring?

9. Will the vans be warm enough for use in winter?

10. Are there any tips for driving in the Highlands?

11. What's the truth about midges in Scotland, are they really that bad?

12. Can you meet us at the airport so we can go straight off on our holiday?

13. Can we bring our dog with us?

14. What equipment is provided in the van?

15. Where can I get a copy of the full Terms and Conditions of hire?


1. Check our Availability Calendar to see whether the campervan or motorhome you would like to hire is available. If there is a provisional booking over the dates please contact us anyway in case the booking is changed.

To make a booking you can complete our online booking form and pay a £50 deposit via PayPal to secure the hire dates

We will confirm your booking via email and send a full estimate of your hire cost with a request for the remainder of the booking deposit due.

If you contact us via phone or email, we will email you a booking form which you will need to complete with the drivers details and any other relevant information. Once completed, email (or you can post it if you don't use email) back to us and then we will send a full estimate of your hire cost with a request for the booking deposit which will be payable via credit/debit card or bank transfer.

We require 50% of the basic vehicle hire costs to reserve your campervan. The final balance will be due 4 weeks before your hire and will cover the remaining vehicle hire costs, plus any additional extras requested.

As well as online you can email us at bookings@highlandcampervans.com or phone us on +44 (0)1667 493976 to confirm availability and prices. If you email, please also provide a contact telephone number.

Unless you make an online booking, please contact us first before booking flights/trains to Inverness.  We are quite happy to pencil customers into the diary for a few days, allowing holiday plans to be finalised with a campervan safely reserved.

2. What method of payment can I use?

It is quickest and easiest to pay by internet bank transfer, payment details can be found on your invoice. We can accept payment from debit and credit cards, but please note that credit cards incur a surcharge as they are so expensive for us to accept. If you would prefer to pay by card, please call us and we will process your payment details for you. We will also take cash or cheques, made payable to Highland Campervans. Cheques must be received by us 10 days in advance and will not be accepted on the day of hire.

3. Do I need to use an electric hook-up?

The leisure battery will charge whenever you drive, so if you are driving each day and using the lights and sockets at night you will have plenty of power. If you're spending a few days in one spot and won't have chance to charge the battery on a drive, then you may prefer to use an electric hook-up facility at a caravan/camping site or you may need to run the engine for a short while to boost the battery power. If you want to use the 240V socket, you will need to be plugged into an electric hook-up for it to work.

4. Do I have to stay at campsites?

Absolutely not! That's one of the reasons why campervans are so great! There are plenty of places to pull in off the road for an overnight stop but just remember other people's privacy and property when you're looking for somewhere to park. It's also extremely important that you take all rubbish with you and observe the countryside code.

5. What happens if our campervan breaks down during our holiday?

All Highland Campervans vehicles are covered by comprehensive AA breakdown cover. If the worst should happen and your vehicle has a breakdown then we have several options available. Hopefully the AA will get the van up and running straight away, but if it needs garage work, we can arrange for it to be taken to a garage near your location. If serious, we may have a spare campervan which we would try to deliver to you wherever you are (most places in the Highlands are no more than a couple of hours drive from Inverness) and you can continue with your holiday with minimal interruption. We do recommend that you have your own travel insurance policy just in case. The worst case would be to revert to a car and B&B and we would help you arrange alternative transport if possible.

6. I've never driven a campervan, what's it like?

It's very easy to drive a Highland Campervan as our vehicles are specifically chosen for even the remotest Highland roads. Our campervans are only the same size as some of the larger family cars, whilst our motorhomes are slighlty longer, but are still pretty narrow. Being under 6m long keeps ferry costs down.

7. What are the collection and return times for the campervan hire?

We have fixed collection and return times. If you need to collect the vehicle later or return it earlier, that should be fine, but please check with us first. We need to allow time to turn the vans around between hires so please stick to the return times specified as we will book hires into the diary accordingly. Late returns will impact on other families holidays so please be considerate.

8. What identification do I need to bring?

Four weeks prior to your hire we will contact you to provide us with up to date ID to satisfy our insurers requirements. You will need to provide the following ID :-

  • Driving Licence card or full paper licence 
  • DVLA code (we provide you with instructions on how to obtain this)

You also need to provide TWO forms of address ID, we can only take ID from the following list:-

  • Bank Statement
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Utility Bill - Gas, Electric, water or Telephone (not mobile)
  • Council Tax Bill (this needs to be the current years bill)

9. Will the vans be warm enough for use in winter?

The vans are actually very warm, especially with the heating systems onboard. For extreme winter nights or if you get cold very easily, the heaters pump out hot air very quickly. The motorhomes have heaters that run on either gas or electric.

10. Are there any tips for driving in the Highlands?

When you're driving around the Highlands on your holiday you'll probably want to cruise along at a leisurely pace enjoying the fantastic scenery around you. The roads in the Highlands have few opportunities for safe overtaking so Highland driving etiquette is to pull over if you see traffic coming up behind you. It means locals can get home in a reasonable time and you can drive along at your own pace without a car right on your tail. The other main road hazard is wildlife. Suicidal pheasants are a common hazard on country lanes but shouldn't do that much damage to the vans. Stags and deer on the other hand will cause a nasty bump, so please be extra careful on the remote mountain roads.

11. What's the truth about midges in Scotland, are they really that bad?

Midges can be pesky but they don't need to ruin your holiday. Midges will come out at sunset in particular but there are certain areas which attract them worse than others. The other top tip is to arrive armed with a bottle of Avon 'Skin so Soft' or Smidge - you'll smell lovely but the midges really hate it... We also sell Smidge in our shop if you are going to midge-prone areas. 

12. Can you meet us at the airport so we can go straight off on our holiday?

There are some formalities which we have to complete when you sign out the vehicle. Taking copies of your identification and quickly running though the main features on the vehicle is best done at our premises. We're only 5 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from town so it shouldn't take too much time out of your holiday. We can also provide transfers from anywhere in the Inverness area to our premises, from only £15 return, so we'll try to get you away on your holiday as quickly and smoothly as possible.

13. Can we bring our dog with us?

From 2016 we have had pet friendly motorhomes on our hire fleet! You are able to bring along your furry companion free of charge, all we ask is that you follow some simple guidelines written in our pet policy. The space available in the motorhome is suitable for 1 medium sized dog or 2 small dogs. Sadly, breeds like German Shepherds would not be suitable as the space is not sufficient for that size of dog. For 2017 we have three pet friendly Motorhomes, Autocruise Accent, CaraSuite 1 and CaraSuite 3

14. You can find a genric list of quipment provided in our hire vehicles HERE. Please note that if you require something specific, get in touch and we will do our best to provide it for you.

15. Where can I get a copy of the full Terms and Conditions of hire?

You can access a copy of our full Terms and Conditions for hire if you click HERE


The main nominated driver for each vehicle will be asked to sign an individual hire agreement when the campervan/motorhome is collected. Standard insurance is provided for drivers between the ages of 23 and 75 with a clean driving history. Drivers aged 23 and below and 75+ can sometimes be insured for an extra premium.

When booking a campervan, it is extremely important that you provide accurate driver details and you must keep us informed and updated of any changes to driver details/circumstances. Our insurance company will use the information provided to assess the risk against each driver.

Highland Campervans will endeavour to inform you of any additional premiums levied by our insurers as soon as possible; however we reserve the right to pass on premiums quoted by our insurers until the point of hire. Our insurers may also carry out a final check of driver's details against DLVA, police and insurance agencies 48hrs prior to the vehicle hire. Highland Campervans reserve the right to refuse rental if the insurance risk is deemed to be too high.

All named drivers are required to produce valid driving licences when collecting vehicles. 


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Highland Campervans were an extremely easy and efficient organisation to work with. Their website and booking process were very user friendly, the van we hired was of an excellent standard and very easy to drive. Everything we could possibly need for our tour of the Highlands was on board. Jo and the rest of the staff were super helpful and friendly with both great practical knowledge of the van and the area of Scotland that we planned to visit.
Kate Burgess

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