Safe Driving


We often get asked about driving on the narrow Scottish Highland roads and also about single-track roads with passing places. So we thought it would be useful to come up with a handy leaflet that you can download to view on your journey or print off to have with you.
If you hire a motorhome from us we will discuss driving on single-track roads in your handover before you take the van on your holiday. There is also a copy of this leaflet inside your motorhome information booklet.

There are a few simple rules to follow when driving on narrow highland roads or single-track roads, most of all it's about being safe and courteous, always being aware of your surroundings and remember that you may well be on holiday soaking up the scenery and going at your own relaxed pace but there are local people that still need to go about their daily business, so always allow overtaking or pull in to let the traffic continue, you will have a much more enjoyable journey without another car on your bumper!

Safe travels and most of all enjoy your adventures and our beautiful land. 
Download or print a copy if the leaflet HERE