Habitation Checks & Caravan Servicing

Highland Campervans technicians can carry out annual habitation checks to the living areas on campervans, motorhomes and caravans.

This includes checks on the gas, electric and water systems, as well as checks on appliances (fridges, cookers and heaters), safety equipment and ventilation.

As part of the motorhome and caravan servicing, we also undertake a damp inspection to check for any signs of water ingress. Our customers receive a comprehensive report following a habitation check which outlines all of the checks undertaken as well as any other problems that our technician might have identified.

In addition, for caravans we also carry out a chassis service. This is a service of the wheels, brakes, draw bar, jockey wheel, hitch coupling, breakaway cable, road lighting, corner steadies and electrical coupling. If a motor mover is fitted, we will check to make sure it is secure.

Any parts required will be charged in addition to the service e.g. brake shoes, and will incur an additional cost for fitting. No repairs will be carried out unless it has been agreed PRIOR to the start of the service.

For customers who prefer to have any specific servicing work done without the annual habitation service then our technicians can look at single or multiple appliances depending on your requirements.


Why have a Habitation Check on your leisure vehicle?

A habitation check is a detailed examination of the living area of your motorhome, campervan or caravan.

There are important reasons to have regular habitation checks:

  • Safety - to protect your family and loved ones;
  • Identify problems early - catching a problem early will prevent a quick fix turning into a costly repair;
  • Warranty - to avoid invalidating your warranty;
  • Maintaining value - a history of habitation checks and maintenance will enhance the value and saleability of your motorhome or caravan;


What is included in a Habitation Check?



Corner steadies & folding steps (where applicable) - check & lubricate.

Under slung tanks and pipes - check condition and security


Electrical Systems

12n, 12s/13 pin plugs & cables-check condition & test

Road lights & reflectors-check condition & operation

Battery - check condition of battery & compartment & record idle voltage.

Battery - check & top up level if required & perform Battery state of heath.

Check battery charge from 12s/13pin plug

Fridge-check operation from 12s/13 pin (tourer)

Fridge-check operation from 12v (motorhome engine running)

Fridge-check 230v

Interior lighting & equipment-check operation & fuse rating

Awning light- check operation

Wiring earths - check for defects on all ELV circuits (visual)

LV inlet plug & extension lead - check condition & resistance across connection pins

Earth bonding - visual inspection

RCD unit - check operation of RCD test button & operation of MCB’s

230v sockets - carry out plug top polarity test

Electric awning & step - check condition & operation

Charger - check output charge rate at battery connections

Electric hob - check operation (if fitted)

Boiler - check operation on 230v (if fitted)

Check operation of all other 230v appliances

Habitation air conditioning - check operation (if fitted, weather dependant)

Check that any additional items fitted are to relevant standard


Gas Systems

Regulator & Gas hose - check age. Performance and security

Carry out gas leak check

Gas cylinder or LPG tank - check security

Flame failure device (FFD) check operations

Cooker - check operation & FFD

Heater - check operation & FFD

Fridge - check operation & FFD

Water heater (boiler) - Check operation & FFD

Ensure all gas dispersal vents are clear


Water System

Water pump & pressure switch - check operation

Taps, micro switches, valves, pipes & tanks (if fitted)- check condition & operation

Water filter & housing - check for leaks & replace (if fitted if requested by customer)

Water system - check for leaks

Water tanks - check security of all water tanks, including under slung (if fitted)

Toilet - check security, operation of flush pump & lubricate seals



Fixed ventilation - check for obstructions & free air flow

Check all fixed ventilation.

Roof lights - check for cracks, operation & free of obstructions


Fire & Safety

Smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm(s) - check operation and dates

If a fire extinguisher is fitted check the date

If a fire blanket is fitted - check security of it housing



Doors & windows - check operation of all locks, catches, stays & seals

Roof - check conditions of roof lights, seals & general condition of the roof

Body attachments - check security of any ladders, cycle racks, lockers, aerials, sat dish’s or dome’s etc...

Cab seats - check operations (swivel or bed configuration)

Grab handles - check security & sealing

Floor - check for sponginess/delamination

Furniture - check condition & operation of all furniture doors, handles and fixings

Blinds & fly screens - check condition, tension, operation & material

Damp test - carry out & note readings on appropriate damp report sheet


Caravan Service

Coupling head - check wear/damage & lubricate

Ball acting stabiliser - check pads

Coupling head gaiter - check condition, routing & integrity

Draw bar - check

Corner steadies & spare wheel carrier - check for damage, operation and lubricate

Jockey wheel - check condition, operation and lubricate

Chassis - check condition, security of assemblies including chassis to floor

Wheels & tyres - check for damage or distortion

Tyres - assess age & advise replacement if over 7 years

Tyres - check condition & wear pattern (inc. sidewalls & valves)

Check & record tyre tread depths

Check & record tyre pressures inc. spare

Suspension - visually check condition of rubbers, bushes, dampers & springs

Remove brake drums - clean & check hub bearings and seals

Brake shoes - clean & check condition of brake linings inc. springs & expanders

Brake rods, cables & supports - check operation, lubricate & adjust

Refit brake drums - torque hub nuts to manufacturers settings, adjust brakes & check operation

Replace road wheels & torque to manufacturers settings

Handbrake mechanism - check operation, adjust & lubricate