LPG Gas Systems

We stock Calor and CampingGaz supplies, plus we stock Gaslow Refillable bottles. 

We can exchange existing Calor and CampingGaz bottles on a full for empty basis, or we can sell new bottles under the Calor & CampingGaz bottle rental schemes.

We can also supply, install and service a range of LPG regulators, fittings and appliances in leisure vehicles.

Exchange Policy - Calor Gas

Calor have various groups of gas bottles and bottles within each group can be exchanged for no additional charges other than the basic gas refill charge. However it is not possible to exchange a bottle from one group to another. 

Gas Exchange Policy


Small Category:

6kg Propane, 7kg Butane (3.9kg Propane, 4.5kg Butane & 6kg Propane Lite were all discontinued in 2023)

Medium Category:

13kg Propane, 12kg & 15kg Butane

Large Category:

19kg & 47kg Propane

Patio Category: 

5kg & 13kg Patio Gas

If you need a bottle from a different group and you do not have the correct bottle size to exchange, you will need to rent a new bottle from Calor for an additional fee, plus the cost of the gas inside it. Please note that you cannot exchange another gas suppliers bottle for a Calor bottle. 

Exchange Policy - CampingGaz

CampingGaz Exchange Policy

CampingGaz will only exchange bottles on a same size basis. We normally stock CampingGaz 907s.  We have occasionally have a 904 in stock and we are unable to supply the 901s.

If you don't have an empty bottle to exchange, you will need to pay for the bottle itself, plus the cost of the gas inside. Latest prices can be requested from shop@highlandcampervans.com 

Gaslow Refillable LPG Bottles

We can supply a range of Gaslow products. The refillable bottles are popular because you can refill them yourself at any LPG pumps in the UK/Europe. Direct fill kits allow the bottles to be removed from a vehicle and refilled (subject to garage permissions) and these bottles come in smaller sizes. 

Or the refillable bottles with fill kits require workshop time to install the system, but then the bottles remain inside your vehicle and you can refill them like you do your main fuel tank at a petrol station pump. 


Stock Levels

Whilst we replenish our stocks on a regular basis, if you are making a special trip to exchange a gas bottle, please phone us first on 01667 493976 and we can confirm whether we have the gas bottle you need.
Please contact us at shop@highlandcampervans.com if you require any further information.

Google Map of LPG filling stations in Scotland


  • Visitors from European countries - we sell a range of adapters that will allow you to use UK LPG gas bottles, or refill your LPG bottles / tank, if appropriate.
  • LPG bottles available (will need refilling at a fuel station)
  • Find us close to Inverness Airport on the A96.
  • We are open 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday.
  • Visiteurs des pays européens - nous vendons une gamme d'adaptateurs qui vous permettront d'utiliser des bouteilles de gaz GPL britanniques ou de remplir vos bouteilles/réservoirs de GPL, le cas échéant.
  • Nous pouvons également fournir du GPL dans nos locaux.
  • Bouteilles de GPL et pompe à carburant disponibles.
  • Retrouvez-nous à proximité de l'aéroport d'Inverness sur l'A96.
  • Nous sommes ouverts de 9h à 17h du lundi au samedi.
  • Visitatori provenienti da paesi europei: vendiamo una gamma di adattatori che ti consentiranno di utilizzare bombole di gas GPL del Regno Unito o di ricaricare bombole / serbatoi di GPL, se appropriato.
  • Possiamo anche fornire GPL presso la nostra sede.
  • Disponibili bombole GPL e pompa benzina.
  • Trovaci vicino all'aeroporto di Inverness sulla A96.
  • Siamo aperti dalle 9:00 alle 17:00 dal lunedì al sabato.
  • Besucher aus europäischen Ländern – wir verkaufen eine Reihe von Adaptern, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, britische LPG-Gasflaschen zu verwenden oder Ihre LPG-Flaschen/-Tanks gegebenenfalls aufzufüllen.
  • Wir können auch Flüssiggas an unserem Standort liefern.
  • LPG-Flaschen und Kraftstoffpumpe vorhanden.
  • Sie finden uns in der Nähe des Flughafens Inverness an der A96.
  • Wir haben von Montag bis Samstag von 9 bis 17 Uhr geöffnet.